The Olive Branch Institute is a charitable non-profit corporation that exists for the purpose of promoting and teaching the cultures and languages of the peoples of Asia and Africa, as well as to further education and community development among peoples from these regions wherever they may be around the world.dorfriedman_AC18_R1A

The purpose is to promote appreciation for the cultural debt that the west owes to Asia and Africa.We desire, through education and tourism, to make increase the awareness of the Afro-asiatic roots of western civilization, including such elements as:

           The origins of mankind

           The domestication of animals and plants

            The first cities

            The arch

            Writing and the alphabet

              Religion and mythology

              The origins of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam

            Mathematics and science

In addition, we aim to enhance the quality of life of the modern peoples of Asia and Africa, both in their native continents and wherever they may be scattered throughout the world, through education and community & economic development efforts.

We are not about broad political changes or movements and do not endorse any side, party, or individual in the political scene.

The Olive Branch Institute is a non-governmental organization that is seeking to make a difference by various acts of kindness, some large and some small, but all with the purpose of doing good to all, without regard to race or religion.

Today, the Olive Branch Institute operates around the world, including the U.S., Kenya, Mauritania, Morocco, Nigeria, South Sudan, Uganda, Israel and the P.A.